New charms · 17 May 2019
A few weeks ago the new Aladdin charms got released and this meant I got my first Shine
10 May 2019
Review of the beautiful white enamel Pandora Shanghai Disneypark castle charm
09 May 2019
Lots of times I get asked how I keep my jewelry (charms, bracelets ...) clean. First of all... I do not wear any perfume, lotions, cremes or anything else that can damage the silver, gold, plating etc on my hands or arms. I try not to wear anything at home while I clean or do housework. I also do not wear any jewelry when I am working on my computer. In the summer when I put on sun cream I do not wear any jewelry as well.
05 May 2019
The perfect city for a perfect getaway
Disneycharms · 02 March 2019
So happy I finally have all the Disney castles added to my collection
Disneyland Paris · 27 January 2019
A few weeks ago the new Disneyland Paris exclusive was released. I was so happy Paris finally got a new one.
Disneycharms · 15 November 2018
The Pandora Disney dresses collection is a pretty cool collection to have. Many people find them to much of a cartoon but I think they add a pop of colour to each bracelet. The charms are made of 925 silver and colourful enamel, and are very detailed as usual.
09 November 2018
(part 1)
Disneyland Paris · 09 November 2018
Pandora and Disney have launched a new app sending guests on a scavenger hunt where Disneyland Paris visitors can win beautiful Pandora charms. I saw this on, a place for Disneyfans!
New charms · 02 November 2018
Yesterday on the first of November we saw the release of the new winter Pandora collection. Many of us collectors were waiting impatiently for the Limited Edition Disney Mickey's 90th Anniversary Hanging Charm.

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