The Pandora Disneypark Castles

Soon we will see the release of 3 new Pandora castles: Disneyworld with pink, Disneyland Hongkong with pink and the long awaited Disneyland Tokyo (with blue)!
So far there have been 6 Disneycastles from which I have 5:
Disneyland - Disneyworld - Disneyland Paris - Disneyland Shangai - Disneyland Hongkong

So I am only missing the Celebration Castle (45 years Disneyworld).
(should anyone be able to help me?)

I have only been to Disneyland Paris myself but I have made lots of Instafriends who let me know when they visit one of the Disney Parks and are so friendly to shop for me!
It would be more excited to get the charms myself but for now I am happy with getting them anyhow:-)

For me so far the Disneyland Paris castle is my favorite because of the blue enamel rooftops and because the castle is very real to me ... I have been visiting Disneyland frequently since Pandora opened their store.
I have taken lots of pictures but this one always makes me feel happy. It captures the beauty of the castle and the charm.

Cannot wait to see what the new castles will look like, especially with the colored enamel rooftops.
Each castle has it’s park’s name written on the bottom. So Hongkong and Disneyland are basically the same charm except from the text.

I think with time (and wearing) the writing will fade, as you can see already on the Hongkong charm.
Like my other travel charms I really love combining the castles and wearing them in many different ways.
A simple plain bracelet or filled with colors, it’s like Lego for woman:-)

Do you have any castles, what is your favorite?
ps. do not use my pictures without my permission