New Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle

Few weeks ago Pandora released 2 new Disneypark Castles: Disneyland (California) and Disneyworld (Orlando).
These follow the design from the Paris Beauty and the Beast castle with enamel rooftops and are to replace the previous ones.

Because of my many Instagram friends I managed to get hold of the California castle pretty fast.

The package arrived yesterday and it's even more pretty than I could imagine.




Just like Paris the pendant holder is smaller and has a beautiful cz stone.

This makes it more elegant and will look so much better on the bracelet.

To see best how the design has changed I have taken a picture of the 2 Sleeping Beauty castles next to eachother.

This shows how the castle has become a bit more 3D style and has more curves all around. The shape is also longer and smaller.

You can clearly see how much smaller the pendant holder really is.

The Disneyland engraving mostly stayed the same as it follows the font of the parks.

Only the chape of the charm makes it seem a bit different.

Of course I also have to compare to the Disneyland Paris charm.

Which was the first castle with the coloured enamel rooftops.
I must say these are truly little works of art.

Well ... you know I like castles but even if I didn't I would say they are really gorgeous.


They make me happy, and I always feel like a little princess when I'm 'playing" with them (and not acting my age LOL)

And combined with the 'older' Disneyland one you can see how the new design goes very well with the Disney style meaning colourful, playful and elegant.
I really like it a lot and I am wondering if we will see all the castles replaced by the newer ones.


What's your thought on the new castle(s)?


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    Hayley White (Sunday, 28 October 2018 07:22)

    Hi, we are travelling to Disneyland in 4 weeks from Australia. Where can I get the updated Sleeping Beauty castle from? I contacted the estore on the Disneyland website, and they only have the older style available. I look forward to your response so that I can plan my purchase :)

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    charmdluv (Thursday, 25 October 2018 07:09)

    @Helen can you send me a mail at charmdluv@icloud.com

    Thank you,

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    Helen (Wednesday, 24 October 2018)

    Hi Helen the newer castles are absolutely gorgeous!!! I was wondering if ipossible, is there someone who could get both castles for me?? I live in Ontario Canada were we don’t have, access to such gorgeous Disney charms I’m willing to pay what they cost plus delivery please!! If someone could get back to me,I would very much appreciate it!! Thanking you in advance!!


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    Nichol (My Pandora Charmed Life) (Sunday, 21 October 2018 03:24)

    Thank you for creating this post! While I love the old Disneyland castle excited they changed it up. I think the enamel is just gorgeous!!

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    Dora (Saturday, 20 October 2018 22:23)

    Thank you for such an interesting look at the new castle. It is good to see it alongside the other versions. I definitely prefer the newer ones. The enamel detail is lovely too!