Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Between 1st of October and 4th of November Disneyland is celebrating Halloween with the most amazing decorations.

Of course I had to go and see for myself how magical and pretty everything looks this time of year.

Already everything looks different in fall with warm colours so when adding lots of Mickey pumpkins the park looks totally fantastic.


First impression when entering the park! Looks great doesn't it!

It's all in the details. Orange, Mickey, Lights, Candles, Halloween Characters... even the flowers have the colours of Halloween.

Of course  the shopwindows display the Halloween collection.

I took my Golden Mickey with me as I am already getting excited for the Big 90th Anniversary Party on the 6th of December.

Our tickets have been purchased, the hotel is booked so we are counting down.

Really looking forward to this party!


Meet the fairytale dragon!  Very large and immediately visibile when walking through the castle.

But my favorite part of the Halloween deco can be found in Frontierland.

The colourful characters look to have escaped from the movie Coco.
These are certainly not terrifying but real friendly fairytales.

I adore all the different colourcombos.

Even Mickey looks adorable!


The Moress Skull looks amazing doens't he (or she)?

I really like the simplicity of the charm, even my mom, who doesn't like Skulls at all likes this one very much:-)

Somtimes it's hard to believe you are walking in a man made park... everything looks so real... I could be sharing this picture as being on holiday far away...

I have really enjoyed my walk in the park.

Every time of the year it looks so different.
Altough Christmas is my favorite time of the year the Halloween / Fall deco are pretty impressive too.