Pandorashopping @ Disneyland Paris

Where to find Pandora in the Park?

Many People have asked me where they can find the Pandora charms in Disneyland Paris.


There are 3 shops and 3 hotels where the Disney Park  exclusives can be purchased.


Not every store has the same stock so sometimes you do have to visit more then 1 store to find what you are looking for.


Walt Disney Studios : Hollywood Box

There is 1 Pandora store in the Walt Disney Studios Park : Hollywood Jewel Box.

A very beautiful store where I already have spend too much time:-) (and money hihi)

It's usually very busy except when there are shows or parades.

Then most shops are a little less crowded.

Disneyland Hotel Boutique

You can find the Disneyland Hotel Boutique on the first floor.
When entering the shop you go to the right to find the Pandora counter.

I mostly go there because it's always very calm and the sales people are amazing!

Main Street Harringtons

One of the most pretty shops in Disneyland is Harringtons.

In addition to Pandora there are lots of other gorgeous Disney items to be found.
I got my dad a few cool presents from that shop:-)

It's mostly very crowded and you do have to order the charms, then pay at the cash desk and then return to get the order before you can take the charms home.

When it's busy you can loose a lot of time.


Disney Village Fashion Store

After visiting Disneyland the dreaming, shopping and eating can continue in the Disney Village.
Get yourself to the Disney Fashion Store.
This store offers beautiful clothing and accessories and also the Pandora collection.

There are 2 other hotels where Pandora is being sold but I have not been there myself (yet).
When I have more info I will add to the page.


I hope this gives all the necessary information.
Should you have any more questions let me know in the comments below.