Celebration Mickey

Yesterday on the first of November we saw the release of the new winter Pandora collection.


Many of us collectors were waiting impatiently for the Limited Edition Disney Mickey's 90th Anniversary Hanging Charm.


I must say this wintercollection is a very pretty one and I have seen lots of charms I really like.


But we are on a budget so choices have to be made:-)

Luckily I had my Birthday voucher which gives a 20% discount on all purchases.


So next to the Anniversary charm I also bought the gorgeous little Mickey Sorcerer.

I already have the blue sorcerers hat from Disneyland and some celestial themed charms which are a perfect match.


Disney Mickey's 90th Anniversary Charm

The Charm is Limited Edition and is only available till 18th of November (Mickey's birthday) or while stock lasts.

It's a beautiful hanging charm crafted in sterling silver and 14k gold.

There are exclusive boxes but (as usual) we don't have these here in Belgium.

Mickey is of course a true icon and he always looks amazing.

The 90 charm couldn't be more perfect for the Birtyday celebration.


I always have loved the two tone charms and the 14K gold 90 does make it look very chique.


The small cz bale makes it very easy to wear the charm alone or with simple spacers.


I can also see myself wearing it on a necklace.

Mickey standing next to the 90 makes him look very relaxed and ready for his Birthday Party.

He looks happy and wants to share his happiness.

The charm is very detailed and so well crafted, everything is so perfectly designed.


You can see he is wearing his gloves and shoes.

When I first saw the charm he reminded me of Pinocchio. Not that they look alike but the style is similar.


I do hope the 90 is firmly attached. I wouldn't want to loose it like I did with the Minnie (on the Eiffeltower).


Disney Mickey Sorcerer Hanging Charm

The second charm I purchased is the little Sorcerer Mickey.


He instantly won me over.

Such a cuty.


He looks two tone but the golden globe is really a crystal pearl and the gold in the hat is enamel.


The detailing of the hat can also be found in the blue Sorcerers hat which I already have from my trips to Disneyland Paris.


I think I love this one even more then the 90 one...

The bale is a thicker one but a little smaller then the larger blue Sorcerers hat.
Sometimes I do wonder why Pandora uses all those different bale styles.


Like the Anniversary charm the Little Sorcerer is very detailed and well crafted.

Baby Mickey practising magic in his pj's looks very sweet.

The gold enamel touch makes him very easy to combine with other two tone or plain silver charms.


Today I made a celestial themed combo which I really like.
I have alsways loved looking at the sky and stars and now Mickey can join me.




Have you already seen the new collection?
What do you think? Did you get anything?

Let me know in the comments below,