My Disney Pandora Dresses

(part 1)

Over the years Pandora has released 10 Disney character dresses so far.

I haven't been following the Disney collection so very long so I cannot tell you what charms were first released and in what order.
There is no real database to look for all the info and sadly there are no Disney Pandora catalogues.

We all grew up with the Disney movies and remember the

beautiful dresses the disney heroines wore.


My earliest memory is of Snow White, the softness of her character, the wonderful story and the sweet voice she had.

As it is not allowed to use Disney pictures I was looking for a way to express my love

for the dresses and their design.


I came accross a wonderful illustrator on Instagram who creates to most wonderful art which really makes me happy.

Check out her instagram account for more of her artwork.

As of 2018, there have been eleven official Disney Princesses (they are part of the Disney Princess  media franchise and toy-line owned by The Walt Disney Company)

(list from


So while we do talk about the Pandora Disney Dresses not all of the list above have been released as a charm and 3 charms are not officially Disney princesses: Tinkerbell, Anna and Elsa (really?)

My collection of dresses is complete (for now) and it's kinda surprising I got them because it was not my intention to buy any of them.

Except for Tinkerbell which was my first dress.

She is really special to me and will always be my favorite.

The Tinkerbell charm is very pretty and has a beautiful sparkle in the green colour.

De detailing in her fairy wings are gorgeous and I do like the back better then the front.

She can easily be worn with the enchanted collection charms.

For me this is a perfect charm.


The second charm I bought in Disneyland Paris after watching the Princess show.
I could not stop looking at Belle and even my mom told me the yellow dress really looked awesome;-)

And then she made me buy it in the Harrington store! So I can really blame her LOL

youtube: MouseSteps / JWL Media

credit Instagram: davdaf


I am not a real fan of yellow in the wardrobe and I don't have any clothing or accessories in that colour but it does look like a little sun in the bracelet designs.

Yellow captures our attention, makes us happy and enthousiastic.

Like the bees and sunflowers in nature.

After Belle I got Anna.

Everytime I saw here in the Pandora store I kept staring at her.

I am a purple fan and I knew the dress would look great with so many of my charms.

Also I really love the movie. The story is so beautiful and I think Elsa and Anna are both pretty amazing girls.

My daughter has seen the film so many times.


After a while it became clear I just had to have them all.
Luckily there were some interesting sales and I got some as a gift from a good friend.

Together with the dresses also the muranos went on sale.


These have silver glitters and are lumnous in the dark.


Because going on sale usually means the charms are getting retired it would be very foolish not to get them (so I keep telling myself).


Some of them are getting very hard to find like the Snow White red muranos.


But I know I will get them eventually :-)

So one by one I found the Dresses and they really are very awesome to wear.
I love making colourful bracelet combo's and wearing them with matching accessories like watches and handbags.


After getting almost all of them I only needed to find Alice.

She wasn't available here in Belgium.

Luckily one of my instafriends helped me getting her from the Ruelala sale.


They do not ship out to Europe (Pandora) but there are people out there

who can help.



Next to the muranos and the dresses Pandora has created more wonderful charms to add to the 'Princess' collection.

Like the very detailed Ariel charm I got for my birthday.


In my next blogpost I will add some more detailed pictures of each dress charm.


I hope you liked my post and enjoyed the artwork.

Please comment below.

Thank you,