New Pandora Disney App

Pandora and Disney have launched a new app sending guests on a scavenger hunt where Disneyland Paris  visitors can win beautiful Pandora charms.


I saw this on Cafemickey.com, a place for Disneyfans!

To celebrate Mickey's upcoming 90th birthday visitors will be able to win the new Pandora Mickey 90 charm by scanning different stickers in Pandora stores in France and in the Disneyland Hollywood Jewel Box Boutique.

The concept is easy.

Download the app and scan the 5 stickers (from 1 to 5) visible in the shops.


These visuals unlock a virtual reality content which guides you to the wonderful and magic Mickey world.

After the 5 scenes you discover if you are a winner.

(Picture from Laughingplace)

The contest is only till the 18th of November (Birthday Mickey).


I have downloaded the app.
It seems pretty easy to work with.



Cannot wait to see what other cool things they will do next!


Check out more info on Café Mickey

What do you think of this idea?


I think it will be fun :-)


Maybe I should go and check it out? LOL