Disney Pandora Dresses Part 2

The Pandora Disney dresses collection is a pretty cool collection to have.
Many people find them to much of a cartoon but I think they add a pop of colour to each bracelet.

The charms are made of 925 silver and colourful enamel, and are very detailed as usual.

The 10 charms are all dangles and have the same features.

Each one has the princess name written in a beautiful curly font on top of the bale.

On the one side you see ©Disney and the other side S925 ALE & PANDORA.


The colouring is very bright and smooth, only the Tinker Bell and Elsa dresses have a sparkle.


I have taken the pictures outside, with use of only my iPhone8plus and no filter.

Please be aware that because of screen etc colours can look different then in real life.




The beautiful Belle dress is as cheerful as Belle is in the Beauty and the beast.

This wonderful yellow charm will bring a lighthearted element in your collection.

Snow White


The iconic dress with its blue body, red puffy sleeves and yellow skirt captures the innocence of Snow White and will bring you love, sweetness and optimism.



With a romantic and dreamy princess like Rapunzel the purple and lilac dress are perfect to reflect her nature.




Worn by Aurora in Sleeping Beauty the pink dress features feminine pinks as a tribute to her loving and gentle nature.



What Anna did for her sister in Frozen can only mean she is heroic and amazing, the best friend one can have.
Feel the friendship by wearing this amazing dangle charm.



Only the Fairy Godmother could magic the amazing ball gown Cinderalla wore to the Royal Ball.

How we all wish we could meet our prince charming like that:-)

Tinker Bell


Elegant wings and glittering green enamel makes this charm a little gem to have.

Like Tinker Bell spreads her fairy dust you feel the love.
Truly a piece of art.




The exotic Jasmine has a beautiful shades of green dress to emphasize the free spirit she was born with.
Maybe we all would love to be a little bit more like her?



Vibrant and elegant the Ariel dress represents the lovable little mermaid at her best.

Looking at the sea green colour you can feel her bright and adventurous spirit.



Elegant, stylish and crystal blue is the dress Elsa wore in Frozen.
As the Snow Queen she makes a fashionable statement.
A very beautiful charm to have.

Some of the Disney Pandora dresses are not all available in the Pandora stores anymore and are retired.

It really takes a little bit of searching and a lot of luck to still find them all.
But some jewelry stores still have some in stock.
Also on Facebook or Instagram you can find ladies (or gentlemen) who sometimes sell their preloved Disney charms.

Do you have any of the dresses?
Which one is your favorite?