New Disneyland Paris Exclusive charm

A few weeks ago the new Disneyland Paris exclusive was released.
I was so happy Paris finally got a new one.

I think a lot of us collectors where a bit disappointed the charm was pink and not blue.

This would have made more sense as the dangle castle charm has been so successful due to the beautiful blue enamel of the rooftops.


Like the other castle charms it has cz on the backside, blue ones, and a written text Disneyland Paris.

It's very difficult to take a picture without seeing myself on the charm as it is very shiny and works like a mirror.

In comparison to the Hongkong one I have they do have an identical shape and style.

It does look good with the Disneyland Paris Castle charm when you can see the blue details but it would have been pretty cool if the both castles had the same colortone.

But the charm is very pretty and matches a lot of other Disney charms like the 2 sweet bears Duffy and Shelly May I got in sale. 

Do you like the new park exclusive?