Paris trip

Last week we took a short trip to Paris and as always some of my bracelets went with me.

Because I do love taking pictures everywhere I go and I know Paris has lots of cool places I took about 5 different bracelets filled with a well chosen selection of my charms.


I do think about what I am going to do, where I will be going and what I am going te wear.

So even when wearing a simple jeans with Adidas shoes my bracelets do match.

Last time I visited Paris in october I forgot to take the Minnie & Eiffel charm but this time she accompagnied me.


The Eiffeltower always amazes me and makes me feel very tiny and humble.


The design for me is one of the best ever.


Everytime I go to Paris I must see her.

I do believe even Minnie enjoyed herself just taking a walk and being totally smitten by that wonderful construction.

As we bougth a Paris Visite travelpass for metro and train we could easily visit lots of places.

The Notre Dame has been in my heart for a long time and I really wanted to see how much she is damaged by the fire.

It was not possible to go very close but walking around the area gave a good view of the cathedral.

I bought a postcard and took a similar picture to show how different she looks now.



From the Notre Dame we took a walk by the Seine to the Louvre.

It's always entertaining to go look at people taking pictures.


Like with the Pisa tower people do have the funniest ideas and this seem to be the most popular way to capture the Louvre Pyramid.

I only wanted to be sure my bracelets where also on it:-)

My travelcharms are always with me on my trips.

And Minnie looks perfect in the middle of these beauties.

From the Louvre you can walk into a park, les Jardin des Tuileries.

A beautiful garden where it's enjoyable to talk a walk and even sit by the water.

Sitting on the chair looking over the water behind the fountain you can see the Obelisk on the Place De La Concorde and even further the Arc De Triomphe.

We sat there for about half an hour before going on our dinnerdate.

We made reservations at the wonderful restaurant Le Grand Colbert.
This is famous for the movie "Something's Gotta Give" with Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves.


Being one of our favorite movies we went there for the first time in 2014 and it's the perfect place for a romantic getaway.


It,'s a very beautiful restaurant where you are treated like moviestars, the food is wonderful and you get to meet people from all over the world.



A perfect ending of a wonderful day x