Cleaning charms

Lots of times I get asked how I keep my jewelry (charms, bracelets ...) clean.
First of all... I do not wear any perfume, lotions, cremes or anything else that can damage the silver, gold, plating etc on my hands or arms.

I try not to wear anything at home while I clean or do housework.
I also do not wear any jewelry when I am working on my computer.


In the summer when I put on sun cream I do not wear any jewelry as well.


After having spend a few days in Paris my bracelets did seem a bit dull.
I wore the bracelets all day long with lots of walking, taking pictures, eating, drinking... sweating.

So I needed to clean them, give them a bath.
Get the dirt off.


Now I did not invent this, it was not my idea but I cannot remember who told me or when I first saw it.
Been doing this for years now and for me its the easiest and best way.

Also cheap... lol

So how does it work?

First put the charms in a small bowl, cup, glass...


Add a little water and dish soap.


I use Dreft because it's clean and fresh and removes all the dirt.


Let the charms soak for a while.

After a short time, depending on how dirty they are, I take a spoon and check the charms... you can see fairly quickly if they have soaked enough.


I usually take half an hour, but even if you let them lay in the water for hours it cant damage the charms.
Like silver cutlery:-)

remove the water

take a soft toothbrush

softly brush the charms

Rince the charms and be sure to remove all the soap

lay them on a bath towel

(softer than a kitchen one)

wipe off and

let dry

Clean as a whistle

I hope this helps you getting your own charms all spick and span.

Have a good day,