Disney White Shanghai Castle Charm

Yesterday I received the beautiful white round castle charm from the Shanghai Disney Resort.

As I am collecting the castles and have already lots of them

I am currently trying to get the most exclusive ones.


This charm is really pretty and has a totally different design than all the other ones I have so far.


The drawing reminds me a bit of a logo.
It's looks like the border, outline of a castle with the Disney D on the front.

For my first design I chose to add 2 other round castle charms, the blue 2018

and the pink 2019.

I putt on a few of the prettiest castle dangles to complete the bracelet.


I really like how the white catches the eye without totally replacing the others.

It's very refreshing.

The front and back have the same drawing


On the rest of the body there are Mickey icons from silver with cz


They look very pretty and elegant



I put 3 white enamel charms next to eachother to compare. It seems the same white but I believe the Mickey one has turned yellow a bit.

Lots of people have noticed colorchange in the white enamels.

I wonder if this happens with all the white charms?

So how about the two other castle charms?
Are they similar?

They are different in size, the blue one seems the smallest


Pink has fireworks, white shows Mickey & stars and blue only stars

They have the same engravings with tiny differences


Engravings on these charms:

1) Pandora - 2925 ALE

2) Disneyparks - ®Disney


Love this combo as well!

Pretty castles

My collection looks amazing in the MyStackers charmbox.

These are so handy.

Makes it very easy to display the charms.
This helps by choosing what to wear.

You can find them here:

Thank you for your attention, I hope you liked my review.