New Aladdin Charms...My first Shine!

I have not been a fan of the Shine collection so far as I do love the 14k charms and I felt no need to get me the 18K plated version.

But the first time I saw the new Aladdin charms I immediately loved them!
They totally work for Aladdin and look really amazing.

So when the 3 : 2 promo got released here in Belgium I took the opportinity to order the set from my favorite Pandora Store in Knokke.


The store manager has become a very good friend and so it's always fun to pick up the charms and discuss Pandora.


I was pretty excited to get these. Being my first Shine they are different from everything else I have and this makes it interesting as I hope I will be able to make lots of pretty combinations.


Because Knokke is by the sea we went for a small walk on the beach and as I am always ready to take pictures I put my new charms with the other Aladdins on the open bangle.

Only the Jasmine dress is missing as the collection has more dangles then regular charms.

I totally love the Aladdin lamp with the green enamel inside. The color is almost identical to the Jasmine muranos.

So what's my thought of the new charms?

The Magic Carpet Ride charm

Aladdin and Jasmine flying on a carpet in the deep blue sky full of pretty (green) stars.

I call the color green but of course there are lots of shades of green...

it looks like a deep dark ocean green/blue to me.

The details are beautiful and I love that the story is being told in silver and the sky draws all the attention.

It's a light, open charm with no thread.

On the side it has a unique design.

I like it very much, it think we could use more charms of these with pretty enamel, silver and no cz at all.


Tried to match with two different shades of blue and these both look stunning!

The Agrabah Castle charm

To compare with the Disney castles I put the Agrabah castle in between all my castles.
The picture looks really amazing but it also shows the difference between the charms.

Of course the material: silver and 14k plated silver (shine)


The size is different and also the bale.

Agrabah has no thread while with all the other castles you do have to screw it on the (regular) bracelet.


It would have been nice to have the name of the castle on the bottom of the charm like with the Disneypark exclusives. Now it's a solid flat which will scratch very easily.

It's al shiny and new but I wonder how it will look after a while.

To determin the color of the charms I have compared to some other gold color jewelry.

It will be easy for me to match with some of my other brands easily.

I have been a huge fan of the Mon Petit Poids Charms ever since I got mine last year.


It's like a small paper weight with on one side my Name and the other side a small heart engraved.
It's 16k gold plated and so far I have not seen any discoloration.

I think these 2 really look good together. The Shine does look al little bit more yellow but it is brand new of course.




The My Collection jewelry from Moress Charms is also 18k gold plated silver and matches perfect.


They do have the exact same color as the Shine and will look very good together.


These are also part of my favorite jewelry pieces and I wear them almost always together with my Pandora bracelets or Moress bracelets.


Also available in silver and rose gold plated.

I really like the next setting...Shine and Twotone

The Magic Lamp Charm

As mentioned the Aladdin lamp is very beautiful with the green enamel inside.

It's so cool you can open and find this hidden gem inside.

The lamp is small and very detailed. The bale is exactly the same as from the Agrabah castle and they have the identical engravings.

I like the design from the lamp more to be honest.

The bottom from the castle bothers me.
Maybe it will be better for me when it's not that flat and shiny anymore....

So to conclude I really like these Aladdin charms and I hope they will stay pretty forever.

They sure are fun to play with and hope I can make lots of pretty bracelets.

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