Aladdin Lamp ( Redbalifrog Europe)

Only recently I got acquainted with the beautiful Redbalifrog Charms.


The wonderful people from Redbalifrog Europe contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their charms.

As I already knew the brand from Martha's Instagram and blog I was curious and excited to get to know their jewelry and gladly accepted.



They let me choose the charms myself what I think is a very good idea because this way it's possible to choose the charms I feel could work best with my excisting collection.


The first charm I choose was the Aladdin Lamp.


Because the Pandora Shine Aladdin collection is fearly new

and also has a lamp I knew this would be fun to combine,

compare and play with.


I really like the Aladdin theme a lot and know it will be

one of my favorite designs to wear.



After having sent my choice I didn't have to wait very long for the charms to arrive as Redbalifrog Europe is based in Holland, my neighboring country.


After only 2 days I got my package.

The charms are sent in a beautiful woven bag with the Redbalifrog logo.

It comes in different colors.

The Aladdin Lamp instantly cought my eye. I was pretty exited to see it and immediately fell in love. The details are amazing and just perfect for Aladdin.

The charm is large and has a really pretty design.

It looks Boho, Bali silver style but without loosing the Aladdin look.
I think it's really special.

Because it's big it can easily be worn as a pendant on a necklace. 

Next to the Pandora Shine Aladdin Lamp it does look very large and totally different.

The Redbalifrog bale is very simple and is much smaller then the charm.
The Pandora bale is rather large in comparison with the body.

On the bottom it has the Redbalifrog stamp and 925 (silver).

I like this as it cannot easily wear off.

Next to my favorite Moress Charms Heritage Elephant it looks stunning and has the same style.

This simple yet elegant design shows how pretty the Elephant and Aladdin lamp look together.

The sweet little Pandora Arabian Coffee Pot my friend got me from Dubai increases the oriental vibe.

The Black Onyx stones from Moress Charms are perfect!

Making different bracelets with only a few charms.
The Lamp does look splendid as an eye catcher.

Other Redbalifrog Europe charms deserve my attention as well.

Together with the Lamp I received some other gorgeous charms and hope to review them soon.
The Seahorse and the Spririt Fox also are amazing.

I hope you liked my review.
The Redbalifrog Lamp can be purchased online here:

I have been playing around with the Redbalifrog Europe Aladdin Lamp and I have been wearing it as a necklace almost every day.

Maybe I need a second one :-)

If you have questions or remarks do not hesitate to message me.