Ogerbeads Ocean Collection

Respecting the ocean costs you nothing and rewards you with a good heart.

Today sees the release of the new Ocean collection consisting of 4 glass beads and 1 silver bead.

As always with Ogerbeads the glass beads are perfectly designed with this time a beautiful combination of blue and green colors.

I can keep staring at these glass beeds forever and explore new colors and shimmers depending on the light.

When you follow me on instagram you must know I really like the Ocean theme. I am very lucky to have a beautiful garden with a forest next door but my dreamhouse would be by the sea with a private beach (just a small dream lol).


The silver beads has 4 different sides.
The front has a turtle and shell on it, the back shows a seahorse with seastars.

On the side is written : respect - the ocean.

As with the other silver beads I have I really like the detailling and the 3d view you get because of the black parts, the charms are not very shiny so makes it easy to see the design.

The charm is quite heavy and fits the Pandora bracelets (universal core).


The design is very lovely. The seahorse has stolen my heart. It looks like it is giving a little kiss:-)

But that doesn't mean I don't totally adore the Turtle.

The new Ocean glass beads also fit perfectly wth the Vibrant Dewdrops Fragments I like so much.

These colors will shine beautifully in the winter as well during some cold snowy days.

I am very happy I got to know Ogerbeads.
They make such wonderful charms, are based in the Netherlands Europe, and the charms retail for very good prices.


You can find the Ocean collection on the Ogerbeads website: www.ogerbeads.com