The Haunted Mansion Set

To celebrate 50 years of Haunted Mansion Pandora released 3 new charms in august.
The gift set consisting out of Madame Leota and the 'Home is where the Haunt is ' dangle and the 50 years dangle.

With the help of an Instagram friend I managed to get my hands on the charms rather quickly and have been wearing them a lot already.
The color of Madame Leota is awesome and the design is perfect.
By far one of the best charms ever made by Pandora.

Only received my first O Pendant and looks amazing already.
I know I will enjoy myself making beautiful designs.


The design is exquisite. I love how the curls of her hair come back in the border of the charm. Gives it a perfect balance.

On the back the words 'The Haunted Mansion' are written.

These pictures show the front and back and the usual engraving of Disneypark Exclusive charms.

Looks great on a Halloween themed bracelet.

Added the Moress Charms skull and Ogerbeads Halloween With and spacers.
Cannot wait to visit Disneyland Paris Halloween's festival to make some cool pictures.

The blue color matches many themes I know I will wear the Madame Leota charm a lot, really a lot.

Thank you for your attention,


Have a nice day,