Luxury Collection from Ogerbeads

Friday 29/11 Ogerbeads released their Luxury Collection.
Ogerbeads designed for this collection 8 beautiful glassbeads and 2 silver charms.
They have a large core so they will fit all European style bracelets like the Pandora Snake bracelet,

Moress Charms bracelets and bangles and more.
Prices are between 27€ and 42€
Order 5 beads or more (sale excluded) and receive the 6th bead for free. 

The colors of the glass beads are very special and look amazing. 
I do like the combination of the blue and purple tones, highlighted with some gold details.
They all match perfect and are very easy to combine.



The glass beads do look specatcular on my Moress charms bangles.


For now I have only the silver and gold color ones,


I have ordered the rose as well as I believe that will look


even prettier


you can use my code charmdluv20 for discount on the Moress Website

Acorn & Perspective

This Luxury Collection has 2 silver charms.

The Acorn, as the seed of the oak tree, represents strenght and potential.
We have a big oak in our garden and we do feel the power of his greatness.

He protects us against the bright sun in the summer and offers us a warm blanket of leaves in the fall.

The details are amazing and I like the heavy weight of the bead.

The Perspective charm reminds us to stay positive and to see all what is good in life.
The design is very nice and has a beautiful symmetry.

I have been wearing the beads for a while now and I must say I really like them.
The designs are limitless and they are also very beautiful with golden charms.

The colors can both be warm and cold so you can wear them all year.

Making different stylings and using different bracelets is what I love.
So I tried a few settings already.


The Gnoce Tiger with his green eyes looks perfect next to the green glassbeads.

Ever since I saw the official Harry Potter x Pandora images I imagined wearing the Ogerbeads with them.
And I must say I do like how they look together.

For me this Ogerbeads collection is on the top of my fav list.
The colors are very real and very different from what I have so far.
The combination with the Harry Potters offers a very interesting styling which I do like very much.

I hope you liked my review.
Please do check out the Ogerbeads website for more wonderful beads.

I will organise a Give Away with them very soon on my Instagram page so stay tuned😄