Moress Christmas Flower

A few months ago Moress Charms released their Ocean Collection to help save oceanlife.

They also introduced their gorgeous Millefiori X Moress handmade glass bead with Sterling Silver caps.

picture copyright moress charms

Designed and created by the russian artist Elena, the glass used is original Italian Effetre/Moretti glass.

The round shape reminds me of the Venetian glass beads I purchased a few summers ago.
The beads are large and are perfect as a centerpiece or even alone on a bangle.

New Christmas collection

The 2019 Christmass charms also concludes a Millefiori x Moress glass bead:

Handmade Poinsettia Flower Glass Bead which is sometimes called 'Christmas Flower' by Millefiori X Moress


Moress Charms offered my kindly the Christmass Flower glass bead and the Rudolp bead to review.


They both are again excellent design and quality as always.
The Rudolp reindeer is a heavy silver bead and has beautiful details such as the red nose.


But the Christmas Flower steals the show with the amazing colors and craftmanship.

The flowers are made of a gorgeous red and orange color with a lovely green background.

The golden swirls give the design a festive look.
I love how the rose gold bangle accentuates the rose in the gold.

The Moress sterling silver caps work perfect with other silver beads like the Italian red scooter which looks adorable.

I do like the Christmas Flower glas bead and I do appreciate the use of Italian glass.
It will look great as an eyecatcher in Christmas Eve Dinner and I cannot wait to wear it.

The weather here is not ideal to take beautiful pictures but I do prefer going outdoors.


Hope you like my review.

You can order on the Moress website:


They do have offer some great Christmas charms with discount as well.