Chronicles Of Amber

A few months ago I received my first Chronicles of Amber handmade beads and I totally fell in love with them.
They are very unique (don't think I have seen anything like it) and they can be worn with other brands like Pandora, Ogerbeads, Moress Charms etc

The beads come in different colortones, from really light colored to darker brown charms. The dark Elephant has been one of my favorites so far, together with the Family Tree.

The beads are shipped in a beautiful dark box with logo.

Perfect to give as a present.

I have been wearing them quite often and took them with me on holiday.

They are very light so I do love wearing them when it's hot also.


A few days ago I received 3 new beads to review.
It took a while for them to get here because of the busy Christmas weeks but I am happy they arrived safely.

The first bead I want to show you is the beautiful, marvellous, extremely detailed 'Red Robin Bird'.

I totally love the use of color, the red is used very discreet.

The look of the bead is the same as the older ones but yet totally different.


I have been playing with the sunlight and shadow and it's very cool to see the light reflecting on the bead.

My new iPhone makes very pretty pictures so I didn't edit anything. Only resized and cropped some photos.

The  details are amazing. The little red bird almost seems alive. You can see the 3d wings, the eyes, the beak and even the tiny legs. It's perfect balanced on the small branch. I think the design is very well thought of.

Not only is it a bead you can wear but it's also a small painting you can look at and admire.

My grandad, a true artist and painter, would have loved this!

The second bead I can show you is the 'Festive Ornament'.

You can see on Instagram how they make the beads. It's very interesting to watch and to see the patience and

skills it requires to make.


Although this is a Christmas theme bead I think the design and colortone can be used all year around.

I can imagine it even used with ocean themed beads. Will be cool to try out new designs.

Number 3 is the Hugging Owls bead!

A couple of sweet snowy owls sitting very close enjoying each others company.
The bead can be ordered in two different colors, I have the clear one.

Looking in the sun you can see how detailed the owls really are.

The look really nice combined with the white stones.

Being snowy owls I can imagining this being Hedwig and her love.

Harry would love them being happy together.

I can see myself wearing these in so many ways, alone on a bangle, a full bracelet.

They are very unique and make every bracelet a piece of art.

Hope you liked my review and pictures.
Chronicles of Amber beads are available on Esty.
They have lots more amazing designs.