Ogerbeads Valentine Collection

Today sees the release of the new Valentine Collection from Ogerbeads.

This collection has 2 beads.

The Valentino glassbead and the Silver Love Game.

Like every Ogerbeads glassbead the Valentino has beautiful design and details.

I have been wearing them for a while and the color is truly amazing.

Depending on the light it can go from dark pink to a more red color.

It makes it possible to combine with many other ogerbeads I have.

The silver bead 'Love Game' looks like a Rubrics Cube what I really loved to play when I was younger.

Games can be entertaining especially when 2 people meet and learn to know eachother by having fun.

The arrow on one side of the charm can be interpreted as Cupid's arrow.

A shot in the heart makes the choice definite.


The beads are sold on the Ogerbeads website and Ogerbeads retailers.

Did you know Ogerbeads is a Dutch company, based not to far from Amsterdam?

They deliver their packages to the postoffice by bicycle so these pictures I took in Amsterdam last week are so perfect:-)

Thank you for reading my review!

I will continue playing with Ogerbeads on my Instagram so stay tuned for more fun combo's.