Moress Open Bangles

For a while now I have been enjoying the Moress Open Bangles.

Last week I received my latest order and also got a pair for my mom.

The bangles are available in 3 colors: Silver, Rose plated and Gold plated.

I am showing you the Twisted Bangle's as I do miss the Silver smooth bangle.

For the moment it is out of stock in my size but I hope they will be restocked soon.

The bangles are identical in size and color and come each with 2 silver stoppers.


The stoppers are also marked with S925 as do all the Moress Charms and other jewelry.

Because the bangles are twisted it happens that the rubber from the stopper gets loose ...
But you can easily push it back in.

The bangles are obviously open and do fit my wrist perfectly.

For these bangles I have chosen size 19cm what is the same size I use for the Pandora Open Bangle.
The Pandora bangle is more open and wide (pictures 1 & 2)

Also I have lost one of the caps from both the bangles I have:-(


The size is more comparable with the closed bangle from Yasmine, also size 19 (picture3)
The other Pandora bangle  I have, size 21 is really to large (picture 4)






You can also see the difference between the bangles when on my wrist.

I have been wearing these bangles really a LOT. Like every day.
They are so easy to prepare and every brand I have looks pretty on them.
The perfect fit makes it pleasant to wear.

Silver twisted bangle with Pandora and Moress Charms

Smooth Golden bangle with Chronicles Of Amber and Pandora

Smooth Rose gold bangle with Auroracharm and Pandora


Twisted Rose bangle with RedbalifrogEurope and Ogerbeads

Some of my designs....

I hope you like my review.

You can still order on the Moress website using my code: CHARMDLUV20 for 20% discount (NOT on sales and the newest collections)