Ogerbeads compatibility with other brands

Since my collab with Ogerbeads I have been getting many request about the compatibility of Ogerbeads with Pandora , Moress and Trollbeads bracelets.
Because Ogerbeads still has 2 different core sizes we decided to make a chart to make it easy to explain.

The most important to know is where you can wear the small glass beads, should you decide to get any from the Special Sets Sale!


Ogerbeads has 2 different small core beads.
The glass beads (4.1mm) which are on sale and soon to be retired, and the stoppers (with rubber band inside).


These only fit small chain bracelets (Ogerbeads, Trollbeads) and the Pandora (open) Bangle and Moress Bangle.

They cannot be worn on the regular Pandora moments snake bracelet or closed bangle.
As for the Pandora leather bracelets they also only fit the smaller clasp ones (not threaded).


Universal/Large core

Silver charms (universal core)

The silver beads have the large universal core so can be worn on all the bracelets available.

Same as the universal core glass beads.

My collection has been growing and it's pretty fun to make beautiful bracelets.
The Pandora Harry Potter collection has been a cool theme to play with.

Pandora Moments Small O Pendant Hanger

I have been using the Ogerbeads on the small Pandora O pendant and can say that all Ogerbeads fit.

I hope this helps you choosing the charms you want.

As Ogerbeads will stop creating the small core glass beads soon it will be no more possible to make mistakes.

All beads will fit all bracelets.


But for now you can get some amazing glass beads for a OMG price!!

Check out these set made in heaven:

(bracelet NOT included)


Hurry because they will sell FAST


Let me know if you bought any and if you have more questions regarding Ogerbeads do not hesitate to ask me.


Enjoy your shopping!


Have a nice day,