Couple Forever Charm

We already had an sneak peek on the The Art Of Pandora blog  about the 3 Disneypark exclusive charms released for Valentine.


From left to right we see : the Space Mountain Charm, the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Dangle Charm

and the Couple Forever Charm.

The Millennium Falcon got released in Disneyland Paris while I was visiting the park so I was very lucky to get it the first day.

I have never been a fan of Star Wars so I didn't intend to buy this charm but when I saw it in

real life I fell in love with the design and details.

This 2 piece charm is very nice and it looks great with other space theme charms.

But this review is about the beautiful Couple Forever charm.
Being a castle charm I definitely needed this one for my castle collection.

When my USA friend, a true angel and personal shopper, visited Disneyland she got me 2 pieces of this beautiful charm together with 2 of the Fantasyland Castle charm with bow, of which I will make another review soon.

The Couple Forever Charm is really pretty.
It is shaped like the Cinderella castle with sparkly cz stones on the front and 'Forever' on the back.

On a small seperate chain you can see a couple, holding hands, wearing Mickey hats.

The details are so cute and you can imagine them walking throught the gate of the castle.

Not being 3D this charm looks different from the other castle charms and makes it a bit less Disney.

Making it perfect for a Valentine bracelet or combined with other brands.

I do hope Pandora makes more of these 2 piece charms. They are very beautitul.

Recently I have bean wearing the Moress bangles a lot so I don't have to fill up the bracelet.

It's so much fun to choose a few charms and make a pretty combination.

The new castle charm looks great and I do love it's simplicity.

The silver color makes it easy to combine with the gold & rose gold tones also.

Wearing it with some of my favortite Ogerbeads this is just stunning!

Adding the Fuchsia Aurora Flower charm makes it also perfect for summertime.

I am very happy to have this charm and will definitely wear it for Valentine and take it with me next time I visit Disneyland Paris.


For now this is only available for purchase in most of the Disneyparks, not in Disneyland Paris unfortunately.

Thank you for reading my review.


Have a nice day,