Aurora Frangipani Flowers

A few weeks ago I purchased the Aurora Big Tropical Set on their website.

This set contains the 4 colors of the Frangipani Charm.

The 4 colors are really all beautiful. I found it impossible  to choose so it is very interesting to be able to get them as a set for a good price.


Describing the charms:

Frangipani, also known as Plumeria is a unique flower typical for tropical summer destination like Hawaii or Caribbean and will remind you of a hot summer, beach and holidays in a very fun and colourful way.


The details are stunning and the black silver gives the flowers real depth.

Making pretty pictures is very easy with these charms.

They make a perfect bracelet on its own.

The enamel is bright and shiny.

The size compared to Ogerbeads glassbeads and Pandora love charm.

They look stunning with Ogerbeads glassbeads.

These charms really please me and I have been wearing them a lot.

As they are so colorful it's easy to combine with a lot of my silver and glassbeads to make pretty designs.

I cannot wait for spring and summer to see them next to real flowers and pretty gardens.


Hope you liked my review.

What is your favorite one?


Have a good day,