Ocean walk

Cadzand in Holland has been our favorite beach for the last few years.

The beach is amazing, it is totally open, calm and dogs are allowed to run free (for the moment).

It is the perfect place to train our girls to socialise with other dogs and to stay close to us.

It is also a cool place to take pictures so I always take a few bracelets with me, with the right theme of course.

Last week, friday, the sun was shining so we decided to take a trip.

The light was very bright and sharp which made it not very easy to get it the way I wanted.
But I always take plenty of pictures so I am sure to get one or two I can use.

The charms can look totally different in the shade.

The Ogerbeads Energy Pixiedust looks amazing next to Pandora's Ariel. The pearl matches the soft gold tone so perfect.

To see how well a charm works I use it in different combinations.

The Redbalifrog whale which I ordered from RedbalifrogEurope is such a cute charm.
I have been wearing it as a necklage mostly but it looks cool on a bracelet as well.

The Moress Charms Scuba divers have joined the team and feel so happy on the beach.
The Ogerbeads look stunning as always.

I am very lucky to have a patient husband and very sweet dogs who are not annoyed by me taking all those pictures.
Although it takes time to do,  I get all the time I need to have this me-time.


One of the cutest ocean animals is the seahorse.
I have the Pandora Seahorse dangle and Redbalifrog Seahorse which I do combine a lot.

The Blue Lagoon from Ogerbeads is very unique and makes the set complete.
I totally love the whole look of it.

The ocean is also a great place to just take beautiful pictures.

Every time we go there it feels like a tiny holiday.

It always makes me happy.

Where do you go to relax and free your mind?


Have a good weekend,