Moress Save Thai Elephants

Not only humans are affected by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

Also animals like the Thai Elephants have suffered.

Tourists are not visiting anymore so there are no more funds to keep them well fed and taking care off...

Moress Charms has released a beautiful Heritage collection to help save the Elephants.

10% off al purchases will be donated to the Thai Elephants Research and Conservation Fund.


Moress was so kind to send me the limited edition Save Elephant Charm to review.

This charm has only been made 500 times and is individually numbered.

The charm consists out of 3 pieces connected with a tiny chain.

Like the other Heritage charms the elephants are beautifully designed with swirly marks and are very detailed.

I have been playing with it a lot and found it very interesting to put dangle charms between the chains.

This makes it look so special and different.

One of my other favorite brands is Chronicles of Amber and they also have a beautiful Elephant bead.

Looks perfect together.

The Aladdin design looks stunning like this and will be a fav to wear.

Even Dumbo appreciated the company of the Thai Elephants.

Looks like a fun garden party.

As a surprise a friend of mine bought me the Royal Heritage Elephant bead.

This one is awesome.
Handpainted with colorful enamel this is a piece of art, a must have.

I really love to wear it with the Ogerbeads Night Sky Fragments.

The color matches perfect.

So I hope you liked my review.
I ordered the Elephant Double Link for X Jewelry as well as I think this is a great cause and the jewelry is excellent design and quality.
The designs are getting more and more amazing and unique.
And I do appreciate their honesty about the struggles of the company with Covid-19 issues.

I hope you all stay home and stay safe.
Together we can beat this, if it's not tomorrow then  hopefully in a nearby future.