Moress Easter Collection

For Easter Moress Charms released 6 new beads.

They were so kind to send me 5 of them as a surprise gift so the least I can do is make a review as a big thank you!
I have been taking the time to play with them and take some pictures while wearing different designs.

Beads & coffee is my happy time  of the day , I always make a mess and try loads of new combo's.
I really like making beautiful bracelets with the beads I have and tell little stories.

Bunny BELLA bead

A sterling Silver Bead of bunny with real opal stones in the middle of her tummy and a hand painted enamel flower on the back.

This is a limited edition bead by Moress for Easter 2020.

The opal is a stone that is very sensitive to light and can have many different colortones.

It gives the charm a magical touch.

The flower on the back has been fully handpainted and is equally pretty.

I like this very much as the colors are stunning and happy.

Glass Beads

The collection has 4 glass beads, they are different but do match perfect together.
They are very colorful and playful.
The Pumpkin is my favorite and I do hope Moress decides to release more colors.

Pink Pumpkin

Flower Glass Bead

Dotted glas bead

Dotted glass bead

The glass beads are a tiny bit smaller then Pandora murano's and other brands like Ogerbeads.

It's a comfortable size and not really an issue.

This collection is as stunning as we are used to from Moress and it is always exiting to see what they will release next time.
The ideas and designs are really very original and I know lots of others agree with me.
They have excellent price quality jewelry what makes it even during rougher times affordable and easy to buy.


Not being able to go out does not prevent me from wearing my charms and I have been having lots of fun with these.
Enjoy some of my designs:-)

Do not wait to long to get these as they are limited and will not be restocked once sold out.


I hope you liked my review.

Be safe, be happy and be healthy!


Helen x