Peacock bangle from Ogerbeads

Today Ogerbeads announces  their very first bangle.

Because they are very proud of the Peacock bangle they are offering a set price.
But let me first show you the new items in this collection.

Peacock bangle with stoppers

Peacock Bangle, is available in 5 sizes and retails for € 75,= incl. tax.

The new "Vanity" Stopper retails for € 32,= each incl. tax.

With the bangle deal they also launch a new charm called "True Colors".
The meaning of this charm "Beauty reflects from the inside when you show your true colors. Be proud of who you are!". The "True Color" charm retails for € 37,= incl. tax.


Be Proud Bangle Deal

This deal contains:
1 x Peacock Bangle
2 x Vanity Stoppers
3 x Small Cored Glass Beads of your choice
The "Be Proud Bangle Deal" retails for € 109,= incl. tax.
How it works?
- Add the "Peacock Bangle Deal" to your cart (this contains the Peacock bangle and 2 Vanity stoppers)
- Add 3 small cored glass beads

The extra deal is, buy a "Be Proud Bangle" deal + a "True Colors" charm and receive a 10% discount
on the "True Colors" charm (total price € 142,30 incl. tax)

I have been wearing the bangle for a while now and really like the look of it.

The stoppers fit very well and can also be worn as beads.

There are 5 sizes, I am wearing size M , be sure to measure your wrists and check the website to see what sizes is best for you.
I do wear a 19cm bangle for Pandora and Moress and a 21cm snake bracelet (filled with charms).

The bangle is flexible so you can bend when necessary.

You can find all the new goodies and promo's on the website.




Have fun shopping:-)


Helen x