Moress new Ocean collection

For 10 years we have traveled by camper, mostly just cruising by the seaside. 
France has been our favorite country as there are many amazing spots where you can dream away and relax forever.

We also find it entertaining and soothing to look for shells or beautiful stones.
Even if we don’t really do anything with them we end up taking a bunch at home. 

Ocean themed jewelry has always inspired me and even when I was little you could find me wearing shell necklaces or bracelets.

Being the color of the sky and ocean I love the color of blue in all its shades and graduation.

A while ago Moress added new beads to the Ocean collection.
Being very innovative and exclusive in their designs they did another great job again this time.
They always seem to surpass their previous releases and I am always very exited.
Moress charms has excellent value for money and the quality is outstanding.
The handpainted enamel charms are truly little pieces of art.

This review will show you 6 new charms.
I have been wearing them on my trip to Breskens, Holland and was able to take some gorgeous pictures.

Teddy Mermaid Bead

Cutest Teddy Bear Mermaid has a stunning hand painted enamel tale and flower details and looks awesome on a bangle or bracelet, surrounded by ocean themed charms or flowers.

Whale Bead

This silver bead is really exceptional.
The Whale is covered with coral in different forms and shapes and he lifts up his tale.
You can see it’s possible to combine the charm with small sizes glassbeads or other charms to make it look like the whale is holding the bead with it's tale.
This way you can make pretty cool designs, especially with the Sea Turtle bead which is also covered with corals.

Sea Turtle Bead

Sunfish Trio and Whale Shark Trio Beads

These beads are round shapes with two different enamel painted sides.
Designs and colors match perfect and they look beautiful with all other Ocean Collection charms.

Teddy Scuba bead

Last but not least I can show you Teddy Bear who joined the scuba gang.
Teddy will be having so much fun going out with Boy & Girl and take pictures of the deep ocean.

This collection is again a stunner and it’s no wonder the charms sell very fast.
Many collectors love Moress charms and are always very happy with their beadmail.

Be sure to check out the whole collection here’:

I hope you liked my review🥰

Have a great day,