Elfbeads Halloween Magic Deal Set

Today sees the release of the newest Elbeads set: the Halloween Magic Deal.

5 gorgeous glow in the dark glass beads retailing for 75€

The glassbeads are very pretty as a set but can be worn as a single piece also.

The 5 colors are each beautiful, I can't say I have a favorite so far.

If I could choose names I would call them...






The sets are the perfect way to add color for a good price.
I love every single one of them.

The colors are really cool and I love them being faceted.

Shining bright in the daylight.

I am not a big fan of Halloween Day but I do love scary movies and horrors... So I made a few designs I want to share.

The set is another cool way to add extra glassbeads to your collection for a fair price.
The colors are great and they fit all european brands.


Available on the Elfbeads website and at the retailers.

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