Elfbeads Thanksgiving

Today sees the release of the new and small Thanksgiving collection from Elfbeads.
They were so kind to send me some to review.

Played with them in the sunlight and I must say they are stunning!

I love the colors with oily finish, different touches of color and the clear cubic zirkonia to add the extra sparkle.

I received 4 of the 5 new glassbeads and 3 silvers.

Let me show you the gorgeous glasses first.

The beads are the same xl size as the world fractal and totally amazing.
I have a few regular flowertwigs and I do like them but here the flowers are much more visible and remarkable.

The colors are bright and different. I love the glow they have.

Sky World Flowertwig: gorgeous denim blue with oily finish and clear cubic zirkonias.

Amber World Flowertwig : mixture of amber and honey color with oily finish and clear cz.

Raspberry World Flowertwig: raspberry pink with some touches of blue and honey with the clear cz.

Sunny World Flowertwig: light lemon with flashes of blue and clear cz.

The silver Row of Pumpkins spacer: a circle of 6 fully riped pumpkins

The Gift of Maple: beautiful detailed silver Maple leaf with a pearl

Cornucopia : filled with traditional Autumn greenery, stalks of corn, bunches of grapes and pumpkins

This is again a very pretty collection. The colors are amazing and they will match with a lot of designs.
They are available on the Elfbeads and retailers websites.


Hope you liked my review, have a great day,


Helen x