Aurora Irish Celtic Heart charm

Aurora released the new Irish Celtic Heart charm last week.
They were so kind to send me one to review.

This beauty is combining Irish Celtic Eternal Knot motif with the Heart.
It is very detailed charm with a decent size and weight. 
A must have for heart charms collector and a perfect centre piece for any bracelet.
This charm measures 15 mm x 13 mm x 11 mm.
It is truly stunning .

The design is extremely pretty.
One of the prettiest hearts I believe.
I like the symmetry and the relief of the whole bead.
With parts being oxidized the charm has a gorgeous 3d look.

Aurora always has beautiful detailed and well made charms.
Great value for money.
The Frangipani’s are on top of my favorites list and I use them very often.

The Celtic Heart is a heavy charm what makes it very pleasant to wear.
I like the feel of a decent charm on my bracelet.

It even looks pretty on a mini Disney design.

The shape and the motif makes it very easy to combine with other charms.
It is very versatile and I have been wearing it in different designs.

I love taking my beads with me on little trips.

Cannot wait to start traveling again.

From the forest to the ocean, looking quite different.

This charms retails for 44,95€ on the Aurora website.


It is a real eyecatcher and makes a beautiful gift for someone you love.


Be sure to use my code CHARMDLUVFREEGIFT should you decide to purchase anything from the website.

Wish you all a good weekend,


Be happy and stay safe,