Aurora New Colour Stopper

Aurora is releasing a stunning collection of 10 new Rainbow stoppers on 5th of june.

They are offering them through presale first.


Here is the link :



This is a whole new concept which I like very much.

All 7 colours of the rainbow are represented in this collection with addition of white, black and pink.

Each stopper has the silicone ring inside and enamel on top of the silver core and are compatible with all charm bracelets

(Pandora reflexions not included).

They retail for 19,95€ each and will be released within the next few weeks (exact date will be confirmed soon).

The stoppers will be a tiny bit (about 2mm) larger then the regular ones.

The rainbow colours are very vibrant and perfectly toned.
I love the use of enamel very much, the Frangipani Flowers I purchased a while ago are in my top 5 of all the charms I have, I really use them a lot because they spread so much colour and happiness.

So I know these little stoppers will be a must have for many charm addicts like me.

They will be such a change from the plain silver ones.

These will be a great way to add more color to your existing collection and make so many new designs.
I cannot wait to see how everyone will style these.

They will sure be fun to combine with glassbeads also.

For me the most difficult part will be to choose the colour... I like to mix colours a lot so it will not be easy to decide 😏


So be sure to order :-)





You can use my code for a free gift with purchase:


Have fun!


Helen x