Auroracharm Jellyfish charm

"Jellyfish is a mysterious creature, that lives in the oceans and seas.
It is beautiful and soft, but if you are not kind with it, it will sting you.
Show to everyone that you are a kind, gentle and soft person, but if they are not treating you the same, you will be like a jellyfish " @auroracharm

Now and then you see a piece of jewelry and it takes your breath away instantly...

well this gorgeous Jellyfish charm  is one of those.

Perfect by design in its simplicity the use of the bright blue color is mesmerizing.
The glass looks so cool.
The surface is smooth and shiny, the (sun)light can influence the color slightly but it’s not a see trough.
I really love it 😍 

It's like a big drop of perfect blue ocean water.

The tentacles are very elegant and symmetrical front and back.

A pretty charm like this can only be shown through pictures.
So I made a few designs and took pictures on a sunny day, in my garden.
Didn’t use filters or any other adjustments so you can see really how beautiful the color is.

The blue stoppers from Aurora looking great with the Jellyfish.


Lovely mini designs.

The Jellyfish retails for 64,95€ on the Aurora website.
This is a must have for ocean lovers like myself.


You can get it here:




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Wish you a good day and hope you liked the review,