Aurora Charm Color Stoppers

Two days ago I received the 4 color stoppers Aurora charm offered me to review.

I also ordered 2 extra Frangipani flowers charms.

The stoppers are a bit larger then regular (Aurora) stoppers and fit on every bead bracelet (Pandora, Moress Charms, Trollbeads...)

As mentioned in my previous post they come in 10 different colors.
I chose the blue and purple ones.

The stoppers are very easy to use and fit on all my bracelets.
I prefer using them on a bangle in small designs.
The last few days have been so much fun just trying different stylings and adoring every single one.

Even with one single charm the stoppers can look amazing.
It gives the design a playful touch.

The possibilities are endless and I know I will add more colors to my collection soon.

In the meantime I am sure I will keep enjoying myself creating new designs with the ones I have.

You can find the stoppers on the Aurora website.


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Thank you for reading my review and have a nice day,