RedbalifrogEurope · 14 March 2020
Two beautiful European exclusives to represent all seasons and wear all year around.
Aurora Charm · 09 March 2020
Review of the amazing The World of The Little Prince Charm© from Aurora Charm.
ChroniclesOfAmber · 01 March 2020
Beautiful amber flower beads and amazing silver charms making spring coming closer.
ChroniclesOfAmber · 23 February 2020
Reviewing my first silver Chronicles of Amber charm which looks amazing and has beautiful details.
Moress Charms · 11 February 2020
Celebrate the Year Of The Rat with this beautiful Kissing Rat bead from Moress Charms
Beads On the Go · 09 February 2020
Taking our dogs to the beach and having a photoshoot with some of my favorite charms from Pandora, Ogerbeads, Moress Charms and Redbalifrog Europe.
Aurora Charm · 05 February 2020
The beautiful frangipani flowers from the Aurora summer collection are truly colorful and stunning.
Disneycharms · 27 January 2020
We already had an sneak peek on the The Art Of Pandora blog about the 3 Disneypark exclusive charms released for Valentine.
Ogerbeads · 24 January 2020
More info about the compatibility of Ogerbeads with other European charm bracelets.
Moress Charms · 22 January 2020
Moress Open Bangles are designed for all charm brands and come in silver, rose and gold color. My favorite bangles which I wear every day.

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