Moress Charms · 07 December 2019
A few months ago Moress Charms released their Ocean Collection to help save oceanlife. They also introduced their gorgeous Millefiori X Moress handmade glass bead with Sterling Silver caps.
Ogerbeads · 01 December 2019
Friday 29/11 Ogerbeads released their Luxury Collection. Ogerbeads designed for this collection 8 beautiful glassbeads and 2 silver charms. They have a large core so they will fit all European style bracelets like the Pandora Snake bracelet, Moress Charms bracelets and bangles and more. Prices are between 27€ and 42€ Order 5 beads or more (sale excluded) and receive the 6th bead for free.
New charms · 29 November 2019
Yesterday the new Pandora Harry Potter collection launched worldwide. When the first pictures appeared on Instagram a few months ago I was not really impressed by the collection. The charms did not seem very pretty and I promised myself I would not get any of those. But of course... other, more beautiful pictures started showing up so I obviously had to change my mind.
18 September 2019
To celebrate 50 years of Haunted Mansion Pandora released 3 new charms in august. The gift set consisting out of Madame Leota and the 'Home is where the Haunt is ' dangle and the 50 years dangle.
Ogerbeads · 06 September 2019
Today sees the release of the new Ocean collection consisting of 4 glass beads and 1 silver bead. As always with Ogerbeads the glass beads are perfectly designed with this time a beautiful combination of blue and green colors. I can keep staring at these glass beeds forever and explore new colors and shimmers depending on the light.
RedbalifrogEurope · 25 June 2019
Only recently I got acquainted with the beautiful Redbalifrog Charms. The wonderful people from Redbalifrog Europe contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their charms. As I already knew the brand from Martha's Instagram and blog I was curious and excited to get to know their jewelry and gladly accepted. They let me choose the charms myself what I think is a very good idea because this way it's possible to choose the charms I feel could work best with my excisting...
New charms · 17 May 2019
A few weeks ago the new Aladdin charms got released and this meant I got my first Shine
10 May 2019
Review of the beautiful white enamel Pandora Shanghai Disneypark castle charm
09 May 2019
Lots of times I get asked how I keep my jewelry (charms, bracelets ...) clean. First of all... I do not wear any perfume, lotions, cremes or anything else that can damage the silver, gold, plating etc on my hands or arms. I try not to wear anything at home while I clean or do housework. I also do not wear any jewelry when I am working on my computer. In the summer when I put on sun cream I do not wear any jewelry as well.
05 May 2019
The perfect city for a perfect getaway

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