Moress Charms · 02 June 2021
Introducing the Mini Stones from Moress Charms.
Aurora Charm · 15 May 2021
Meat the newest Aurora charm with Irish accents.

Praanbead · 03 May 2021
Today I want to show you the gorgeous Praan Ultramarine Crystals. These greenish amazing cut crystal beads are 12mm diameter with 5mm silver core.
Ogerbeads · 29 April 2021
Till Friday 28th of May Ogerbeads offers a Mother's Day Deal set. For the price of 89€ you can purchase a bracelet, silver charm and glassbead.

Praanbead · 18 April 2021
One of the most exclusive and unique charm brands must be Praan. Even since I received my first mop heart I fell in love with this small Thai Company.
Moress Charms · 03 April 2021
Last year Moress Charms introduced their first Bunny with a genuine Opal stone belly, this year they surprised us with 6 more genuine stone Bunnies.

Praanbead · 02 April 2021
Wonderful Magic Color Beads from Praan
Elfbeads · 20 March 2021
Check out the latest Elfbeads Feelings Collection.

Moress Charms · 08 March 2021
Today I want to introduce you to my newest charms from Moress. The Arabian Night collection was released a few weeks ago and I immediately fell in love. The collection is truly amazing with lots of pretty beads to choose from. You can find it here on the Moress website.
Elfpetite · 01 March 2021
Following up on the Limited Edition Sets released last fall, Elfbeads released a new Elfpetite set a few weeks ago, matching the Spring Monroe set from January.

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