Disneycharms · 13 September 2020
Check out some of my favorite Pandora Disney Dresses designs.
Disneycharms · 03 July 2020
Gorgeous Disney Up House & Balloons charm from Pandora

Disneycharms · 27 January 2020
We already had an sneak peek on the The Art Of Pandora blog about the 3 Disneypark exclusive charms released for Valentine.
Disneycharms · 02 March 2019
So happy I finally have all the Disney castles added to my collection

Disneycharms · 15 November 2018
The Pandora Disney dresses collection is a pretty cool collection to have. Many people find them to much of a cartoon but I think they add a pop of colour to each bracelet. The charms are made of 925 silver and colourful enamel, and are very detailed as usual.
Disneycharms · 20 October 2018
Few weeks ago Pandora released 2 new Disneypark Castles: Disneyland (California) and Disneyworld (Orlando). These follow the design from the Paris Beauty and the Beast castle with enamel rooftops and are to replace the previous ones. Because of my many Instagram friends I managed to get hold of the California castle pretty fast. The package arrived yesterday and it's even more pretty than I could imagine.

Disneycharms · 09 September 2018
Soon we will see the release of 3 new Pandora castles: Disneyworld with pink, Disneyland Hongkong with pink and the long awaited Disneyland Tokyo (with blue)! So far there have been 6 Disneycastles from which I have 5: Disneyland - Disneyworld - Disneyland Paris - Disneyland Shangai - Disneyland Hongkong So I am only missing the Celebration Castle (45 years Disneyworld). (should anyone be able to help me?) I have only been to Disneyland Paris myself but I have made lots of Instafriends who let...