Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris · 27 January 2019
A few weeks ago the new Disneyland Paris exclusive was released. I was so happy Paris finally got a new one.
Disneyland Paris · 09 November 2018
Pandora and Disney have launched a new app sending guests on a scavenger hunt where Disneyland Paris visitors can win beautiful Pandora charms. I saw this on Cafemickey.com, a place for Disneyfans!

Disneyland Paris · 01 November 2018
Where to find Pandora charms in Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris · 30 October 2018
Between 1st of October and 4th of November Disneyland is celebrating Halloween with the most amazing decorations. Of course I had to go and see for myself how magical and pretty everything looks this time of year. Already everything looks different in fall with warm colours so when adding lots of Mickey pumpkins the park looks totally fantastic.