New charms

New charms · 29 November 2019
Yesterday the new Pandora Harry Potter collection launched worldwide. When the first pictures appeared on Instagram a few months ago I was not really impressed by the collection. The charms did not seem very pretty and I promised myself I would not get any of those. But of course... other, more beautiful pictures started showing up so I obviously had to change my mind.
New charms · 17 May 2019
A few weeks ago the new Aladdin charms got released and this meant I got my first Shine

New charms · 02 November 2018
Yesterday on the first of November we saw the release of the new winter Pandora collection. Many of us collectors were waiting impatiently for the Limited Edition Disney Mickey's 90th Anniversary Hanging Charm.
New charms · 04 September 2018
Probably one of the most awesome charms ever I purchased Pinocchio on the day of his release while we where in Disneyland Paris.