Ogerbeads · 22 February 2021
Few weeks ago I chose some new beads from the 2019 Ocean collection. I already had a few of those and it is always pleasant to have complete collections.
Ogerbeads · 16 January 2021
Ogerbeads starts this year with the "Adore" collection which is a valentine release.

Ogerbeads · 28 November 2020
Meet the newest Ogerbeads Winter's Wishes collection.
Ogerbeads · 08 October 2020
Today I received these pretties along with some other colors. I wanted the green Fairy Garden Fragments for a while and they are even more stunning then I could imagine.

Ogerbeads · 31 July 2020
Today Ogerbeads announces their very first bangle.
Ogerbeads · 09 July 2020
Ogerbeads releases the newest collection “Blossom”. This collection contains 10 glass beads and 2 silver charms, which present the blossom of flowers and trees during spring and summer.

Ogerbeads · 13 May 2020
Ogerbeads small core glassbeads are being retired so all stock is being sold at 50% discount.
Ogerbeads · 24 January 2020
More info about the compatibility of Ogerbeads with other European charm bracelets.

Ogerbeads · 17 January 2020
Today sees the release of the new Valentine Collection from Ogerbeads. This collection has 2 beads. The Valentino glassbead and the Silver Love Game.
Ogerbeads · 01 December 2019
Friday 29/11 Ogerbeads released their Luxury Collection. Ogerbeads designed for this collection 8 beautiful glassbeads and 2 silver charms. They have a large core so they will fit all European style bracelets like the Pandora Snake bracelet, Moress Charms bracelets and bangles and more. Prices are between 27€ and 42€ Order 5 beads or more (sale excluded) and receive the 6th bead for free.

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