Cutie Owl

A few weeks ago I purchased my first silver Chronicles of Amber charm, the Cutie Owl.

The little Owl is truly a fantastic bead. 
I do love owls as they are majestic animals , always mysterious and a little bit spooky but they can also be sweet and cuddly.

The Cutie owl is their first silver charm and you can see they payed a lot of attention to the design and detailing.

It's made out of 925 silver and is compatible with all European charm bracelets.

The Owl has his eyes closed and gives me lots of joy just looking at it.

He looks very relaxed,  calm and wise.

I have tried to take some pretty pictures but with the stormy weather and cloudy skies it's not really been easy.

But I hope you can see the prettiness of the bead.

As I like creating stories with my charm collection I added the Cutie Owl to a Bambi themed bangle.
Making him a perfect bead to represent Friend Owl.

Making pretty bracelets is wat I love to do most and this charm will make a perfect centerpiece for so many designs.
I cannot wait to see their other silver beads and I hope they will make many more designs.

Hope you liked my review.

Wish you a wonderful day,