Chronicles Spring Collection

It's the end of spring break and so far the weather has been dreadful.

A few storms with heavy winds have been attacking our little country and other parts of Europe.

We were planning to go on a campertrip but we decided to stay home.

Luckily I reveiced some amazing beads from Chronicles Of Amber to review.

They keep expanding the collection and for spring they added a couple of amazing flower charms.


They also sent me some of the newest silver charms: the cute 'Little Baby Rat' and the lovable 'Cats in Love'.


We have seen a lot of Rat charms to celebrate 'the Year Of The Rat' but this one immediately made me think of Remy (from Ratatouille).

He looks so adorable with his piece of cheese.

This will for sure go on a Disney bracelet very soon.

Hope also to take it with me soon to Disneyland Paris and take it on the Ratatouille ride.

The Cats in Love is really a unique design.
The cats are being cosy and they form the shape of a heart.
Very cool! I do love cats and would love to have some more again but our doggies don't like them.

Our little tiger cat Suzy has to run for her life everytime she gets close....

The 3 flower charms are as detailed as always.
The beads are made with lots of attention for detail and patience.
The use of colors is very sweet and soft.

The 'Pink Orchid' is simply stunning.

I have a white orchid in my kitchen and I cannot believe how pretty the charm really is.

The leaves are so tiny and the 3D effect is almost unbelievable.

They will last forever so you can always have an orchid close to you.

The tulips are gorgeous as well.

When I look at them I can almost feel a breeze of wind, making them rock from one side to the other.

This bracelet makes me really happy.
The Aurora Frangipani charm and the RedbalifrogEurope Spirit fox are perfect to combine it with.

The third flower charm will be released on  18th of March and has also pink flower petals.

They look stunning next to the Ogerbeads and I do love the way you can see my garden flowers through the light colored amber.

Chronicles and Redbalifrog always look pretty together.

It surely looks Chronicles keeps the quality very high and knows how to keep the collection interesting.


They can be worn on every bracelet and look pretty with most brands.


I really love what they are doing and look forward to more pretty designs.


Have a great day,