Summer Collection Chronicles Amber

It's always exiting to see the new charms Chronicles makes as they keep evolving and designing amazing beads.

They keep getting better and better and bedazzle us with every collection they release.
I myself was pleasantly surprised with these pieces of art I received as they are very high quality and excellent craftmanship.

Sometimes it's even hard to imagine these are handmade.

Today I will show you the Hummingbird, the purple Dahlia and pink Roses beads.

They are absolutely stunning and make a great set together.
I do like the glassbead shape from the flowers as they are very easy to combine with other brands.

The Hummigbird bead is a lovely piece of jewelry not only by its design but the use of colors is exquisite.
The use of purple and pink colortones  gives it a dreamy feel and a happy vibe.

The 2 hummigbirds are very lovely and you can almost hear them sing.

The flowers spacers are very beautiful as well.
They are thinner then all the other Chronicles I have and I do appreciate this size.


The flowers look very real and these will stay frech and colorful forever!

I love flowers but I am a bad at keeping them so this way I can watch some pretty flowers whenever I want:-)


Purple Dahlia's

Rose spacer

It's always fun to play with beads and try out new designs.

Chronicles Amber beads are available in their Etsy store:


Hoped you liked my review.
Have a great day,


Helen xxx