Disney Up House & Balloons Charm

Yesterday saw the release of the long awaited Disney Up charm.

Up is one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies so this was on top of the wishlist.

As it had been more then 4 months since I had visited a Pandora store I also took the opportunity to purchase the Baby Pluto.

Totally adorable as well.


"Get ready to go on a journey of a lifetime with Disney’s Up House & Balloons Charm. The colorful charm features a bundle of hand-applied enamel princess blue, light blue, mandarin orange, pale cerise, vibrant green, purple and magenta balloons carrying the sterling silver dangle house that Carl uses to go on his fantastic journey. Raised letters amongst the many colorful balloons add an inspirational touch with the statement “Adventure is out there”." (copyright Pandora)

The charm is really very well designed. I love the details of the house and the pop of colors in the balloon.
I think the choice of making only a selection of the balloons colorful with enamel a very good idea.

This makes stand out the colors more and makes it fun to design with.

The enamel is soft and changes with the intensity of the (sun)light.


The front and back of the house is different and also the balloon has other details.
On the back you can see the 'Adventure Is Out There' phrase.

This is a charm that brings joy and happiness.

It's just perfect on its own but can be combined with many other charms and glassbeads.
Endless possibilities.
I have already tried out a few designs.

On a Moress Charms bangle with some of my other Pandora Disney Favorites.

Stuck in the middle between Aurora Charm Frangipani's.

Ogerbeads glass and Disney Babies are perfect together.

Mickey & Minnie balloon joins the house.

My custom made Charmdluv bangle looks totally amazing as well.
I am so exited I have these and I hope to add more happy quotes soon!

Hope you liked my review.

Have a great day ,






Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.