My first Elfpetite

Today I want to introduce you to my first Elfpetites, the smaller jewelry line with the know color palette of Elfbeads.

Elfpetite are tiny glassbeads and silvers, noticeably smaller then regular size (glass)beads.

Elfpetite has its own bracelet and stoppers but lots of people also wear them on Pandora Essence bracelets/bangles as they do fit those as well.

Also Pandora Me has a compatible sizing.

I chose my beads very carefully and designed 2 combo's.

The colorful style of the River Wood World Petite Feather and the Retro World Petite Feather really drew my attention so I chose a few charms to highlight their colors.

The Retro World Petite has amazing colors and looks bright and happy.

It also reminds me a bit of a Missoni shawl I have.

I really like the purple and orange combined with sparkly wine red.

The second design I chose to match my fairytale bracelets with the most stunning greens and colors of nature.

The colors look perfect together and I especially love the tiny Arctic World Petite Monroe Fractal.

They look like tiny opals.

The Elfpetites are very well designed and really gorgeous and I know I will love wearing them a lot.
I like the shape and size very much and the colors are amazing.


Elfbeads was so kind to send me the newest LE sets to review.
Will make a different blogpost about those.


Hope you liked my review,


Have a great day,




Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.