Elfpetite Limited Edition Sets

Last friday Elfpetite released 3 gorgeous Limited Edition Petite Deal sets.

Compatible with the Elfbeads LE sets.


From top to bottom:

Amazing Autumn set - Ocean Breeze Set - Summer Blossom set

picture @elfbeads

They retail on the website for 75€.
For that price you get 5 colors, 10 beads, each color twice: a round glassbead and a smaller, spacer size.

Today I want to show you the beauty of the Amazing Autumn set surrounded by pretty colors of garden and forest in autumn season.

This set has 5 beautiful colors that look perfect together.

I love it when a autumn collection contains pink and not only orange and brown tones.

Gives it a lot of possibilities to make different designs.

Using all the glassbead on a bracelets looks perfect.

Combined with some silver Elfpetite, Essence charms and Moress My Collection pendants the bracelet is complete.

Perfect for a walk in the forest.

Together with the glassbeads Elfpetite released 6 new silver charms as well.

The 2 Atoms I chose on my first order.

Love them all to be honest but I really adore the Mountain Flower, it's so powerfull and yet very symmetric and soothing.
Will be on top of my list definitely.

Making mini designs has been one of my favorite things to do.

It is such an easy way to accessorize and match your bracelets, bangles with your outfit.

I usually make my mini design first and then choose matching clothes;-)

I love wearing a few bracelets at once and making happy stacks as well.

It's a real playground for me.

I try to get my husband exited now and then but he usually runs whenever I start to take pictures.
You can see him on the brackground wearing a orange vest.

The Elfpetite sets makes it possible to create endless color combinations, for a fair price.

We all love changing colors and make new bracelet combo's.
Now we can do that without having to look for matching beads ourselves and spending a lot.


I also noticed I can wear the small, thin petites, will call them spacers on some of my Moress bangles: the rose and gold one.

Note: these  bangles are from earlier release, the recent ones are thicker so not compatible with Elfpetite.


I can also wear them combined with the gorgeous Moress Heritage Elephant what makes it such a special design.

The Pandora Essence bangle fit all Elfpetite but the Open Bangle also only the spacers.
Made a pretty pink design with my Essence Rose Minnie and a few colors from the Summer Blossom set.


It's no surprise that  these are only a few ideas so far.
Cannot wait to explore these tiny pieces of art some more.

In the meantime I hope you liked the review, feel free to ask questions if needed.


Have a great day,
Helen x




Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.