Enchanted Cottage from Aurora Charm

Yesterday I received the beautiful Enchanted Cottage and immediately fell in love.
I do love fairy themes and this will be such a stunner combined with a lot of charms from my collection.

Enchanted Cottage from the Sterling Silver Once Upon a Time Collection of charms.

Whatever your imagination tells you, that’s true. In this enchanted cottage everything is possible.

It is built to welcome everyone who wanders between the fantasy lands and dreams.

Please enter and enjoy the most warmly welcome you ever received, and find a little bit of hidden magic in its every corner.

Let the adventure of the enchanted cottage discovery begin!

To show you how beautiful it is let's take a look at some pictures of the charm in detail.

The details are really cool, the front the wooden door does seem to have a face, looks a bit like a Halloween pumpkin face.

On the roof you can see the impression of a ghost... or can you see something else?

It has so many hidden details you can keep looking at it.
The windows are adorable and the shape of the roof makes it very unique.
I totally understand the succes of the first Pianeta Beads LE and I'm sure this will do equally well.

The charm is very well made as are all other Aurora charms and is not threaded, has large core so can be worn on all European charm bracelets.
It looks great in a mini design and on a full bracelet.

This will be available on the 1st of November and will retail for 54,95€.


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Have a great weekend,


Helen xxx