Moomin Flower Bangle

Today I want to show you the new Moress Moomin Flower bangle.

It's available on the website and retails for about 57,62€.



The bracelet is part of the Moomin collection which released a while ago.
The collection is based on the Moomin characters.

Learn more about them on the official website: https://www.moomin.com/en/about/

The open bangle has 2 caps decorated with crystals and enamel flowers.

The blue one was my choice.

I wear size 19, same size as my other bangles.

The caps are really gorgeous.
The bangle is also available in pink and green.

The cool part is that the caps are interchangeable. 

This means you can :

- put charms on the bangle

- change the caps with others

The caps are large and have a good weight.
They are easy to remove and put back on.

Also for the Ocean collection 2 new caps have been released.

The bracelet looks pretty great on its own.
It's a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Here I combined the bangle with a mini design.
I really like how this looks.

Here I added beads on the bangle and gave it a different look.
Also pretty amazing.

Wearing it like this is very special and interesting.
I love how Moress always designs new and different jewelry.

We all love exploring and playing and I love how they keep exceeding our expectations.


I am definitely getting the Ocean caps to wear with my ocean theme beads and will explore further ways to combine this bracelet with my existing collection.

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you liked it.

Have a great day,

Helen x