Magical Aurora Moon Garden

Last week I almost lost this amazing Aurora Moon Garden charm, a Pianeta Beads exclusive.

Everytime I see a possibility to get a great shot I take it.

We visited the in-laws and I found the prettiest little flowers in their garden so took some pictures.
I was wearing the Pandora O Pendant with the charm and when I got home the charm was missing....

Luckily after 2 days I found it, hidden in my own gras, even survived my husbands lawnmower...

Quite happy to be getting it back as it's a truly precious charm and I was sad to have lost it.


This Moon Garden charm is really unique.
The details are so stunning. I love the idea of the fairy sitting on the moon relaxing and enjoying the company of butterflies.
The surface of the moon is covered with pretty flowers.

Pictures credit @Aurora

The Moon Garden looks perfect with the Shamrocks Fairy ©

I do like the idea of a fairytail theme and I have been playing with some designs already.

So this is a very beautiful collaboration between Aurora Charm and Pianeta beads.

They have a few others, only available on the Pianeta beads website.

Be sure to check them out, they have free shipping and a 5 + 1 Fidelity Card.

Hope you have a nice weekend,

Helen x